The 10 most effective tips to improve your memory

Tip N° 1

Try to eat more chocolate ! The main reason is that chocolate improves blood flow in the brain. Cocoa could be an important complement against minor memory disorders and Alzheimer’s diseases. An American study recently highlighted the impact of chocolate on memory loss due to aging. The memory tests are showing that after 3 months of intense consumption of cocoa, participants aged of 60 at the beginning of the study, gets the memory of a 40 years old person.

Tip N° 2

Do not say “I never remember his name” anymore. When you see an acquaintance imagine his first name written in large on his forehead ! Look at this part of his/her face and you will see his/her name well engraved. The next time, if you meet this person again, look carefully at his forehead, your brain will immediately associate that part of the face with the name you imagined engraved before. After that you will never forget his/her name again.

Tip N° 3

Choose a song that you like. Find the associated lyrics on the internet. Write the sentences on a shit of paper and start to learn them by heart. This will be much easier, if this song is one of your favourites. Sing it (in your head) several times a day. This exercise allows you to maintain and develop your memory.

Tip N° 4

You have an appointment at the dentist (5:10 p.m.), but you are afraid to forget this important appointment. An easy tip to remember it: There is an expression that says: “Give me five!”. For the two other digits (10), you can remember this number thinking of the famous soccer players “Pelé” and “Maradona” who had both this usual number on their jersey. This is an example, but you can, of course, always associate one number with something you can memorize easily (birthday, age, number of children…).

Tip N° 5

Use your free-time to do crossword puzzles or Sudoku. These 2 enjoyable games will help you to maintain and develop your memory.

Tip N° 6

Take a nap and sleep at least 8 hours a day, or even better 9 hours. The famous NASA in the United States has found, making tests with astronauts, that a well-rested brain does memorize far better than usual ones. During sleep, the brain is better irrigated and this extra-rest will help you to be more efficient and available on a daily basis.

Tip N° 7

Swiss Federal Office of Public Health recommends to have 1 capsule a day of “Krill oil”. The “Omega-3’s” are very beneficial for the functioning of the brain. “Krill oil” is also recommended for young people during exams, because this natural product is known to “increase” memory. According to some recent studies, it appears that “Krill oil” helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (American University of Columbia, 2012).

Tip N° 8

Isolate yourself a few minutes a day and try to think of a nice subject. Nothing else! Focus on your chosen topic. If your thoughts deviate from the subject, stop the exercise, take a deep breath and try again. With a little practice, you’ll get better and better. In doing so, your concentration will improve and therefore your memory too.

Tip N° 9

Take an image of your choice. Watch it for 30 seconds then hide it. From memory, note a maximum of information about this picture. Little by little, you will memorize more and more objects. This is an excellent exercise that will soon boost your memory. You can also look at any object for a minute, then you hide it with a cloth, a paper or a blanket and you try from memory to draw the details of the object.

Tip N° 10

Try to remember what you ate the night before. Then do even better, try to remember what you ate the day before at noon, then two days ago and so on…This fantastic exercise will improve your memory.


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