Spirulina bio powder

Flask of  450 g

Price: 47.50 CHF
Price from 3 units: 42.50 CHF/unit

Thanks to its exceptional nutritional value, Spirulina Bio-Gestion is the ideal food supplement suited for all slim and balanced diets.

47.50 CHF


Organic Spirulina powder: the green gold of nutrition

The nutrients in Bio-Gestion Spirulina are truly amazing. Generally speaking, the constituents of Bio-Gestion spirulina make it a fortifier and anti-fatigue as powerful as natural.

It is necessary to underline the excellent digestibility of Bio-Gestion Spirulina that the body assimilates almost as well as mother’s milk!

Bio-Gestion Spirulina beats all records for its vegetable protein content, no other food bears comparison. It also beats all records for:

  • iron: 45 x more than spinach!
  • Vitamin B12: 3 times more than raw liver !
  • All records for Beta-carotene: 15 x more than carrots!

Spirulina Bio-Gestion is not limited to these micronutrients, it also contains:

Gamma Linolenic Acid: a rare product that contributes to the lowering of cholesterol levels. It also limits the risks of cardiovascular accidents.

Vitamin E: Bio-Gestion spirulina contains as much as wheat germ. Vitamin E is, among other things, an anti-aging factor.

Phosphorus, Calcium & Magnesium: Bio-Gestion Spirulina contains as much as cow’s milk.

This is why Bio-Gestion Spirulina is the safest ally for everyone’s well-being. It is intended for all publics. No contraindication limits its use.

Thanks to the high quality of Bio-Gestion spirulina, it is useless to take 6 to 7 tablets a day. 2 to 3 are more than enough.

Bio-Gestion Spirulina is under the control of the Swiss Vitamin Institute. It also complies with European and American standards and regulations.

Additional information


Pure Spirulina Algae (450g)

Tips for use

Take 4,5 g per day with smoothies, juices or soups


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