Flexinol Gel

150 ml jar

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Massage gel pleasantly scented with vanilla, Flexinol contributes to the restructuring of elastin and collagen fiber, promoting greater flexibility and comfort in the joints, muscles and tendons.

59.90 CHF


Flexinol Gel: for increased mobility

Organic silicon is one of the essential elements of living matter: it acts as a kind of framework for the human body.

We are born with a silicon capital that diminishes over the years. Unfortunately, the amount of silicon contained in food is low and is constantly being depleted as the soil becomes depleted.

There seems to be no recommended daily allowance (RDA) for silicon. On the other hand, it is recognized that the daily needs of adults are 20 to 30 mg of silicon per day. If we compare this with the need for iron or copper: it is more than double.

Silicon plays a very important role in maintaining the integrity of the connective tissue surrounding vessels, organs and muscles. Silicon gives these tissues support, strength, resistance and firmness. It will therefore be a fundamental element in protecting and supporting connective tissue as it begins to undergo the effects of age. One thinks in particular of the cartilage which ensures the mobility of the joints. In addition, since silicon helps stimulate the formation and renewal of cells in damaged tissues by promoting their hydration, it will contribute to the regular maintenance of cartilage. It thus helps reduce pain and improves general mobility

Flexinol is an organic silicon concentrate to be used as a massage gel. By penetrating through the skin, it contributes to the restructuring of elastin and collagen fibres. It therefore makes joints, muscles and tendons more supple and comfortable.

Our advice:

In case of joint pain, Flexinol is a complementary aid to Protein+ Gelaform “Gold” which is a natural product, or to Condroflex.

Additional information


Flexilium, organic silicon (silanols)

Conseils d'utilisation

3-4 times a day, apply a knob of gel and massage slowly.


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