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Thanks to its natural ingredients, ActivTrans contributes to stimulating, enabling and balancing the intestinal transit.

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No more intestinal discomfort

Disorders of intestinal transit can be manifested by various annoying daily ailments: discomfort, heaviness, bloating. The frenzy of “modern” life, our industrialised diet, stress and anxiety, travel, among others, can be responsible for these intestinal disorders.
These feelings of heaviness and discomfort sometimes lead to an increase in stress which can even lead to “bite panic”.

Due to its composition, ActivTrans helps to regulate and facilitate intestinal transit:

Thanks to ActivTrans, you will gently forget your problems of constipation, heaviness and bloating!

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Pear juice lowers cholesterol levels. It provides your body with soluble fiber. It also contains pectin, which lowers LDL or "bad" cholesterol.


Studies have shown that prune juice helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The laxative effect of this fruit and its juice is well known. The consumption of prunes could also have beneficial effects on the bones of women in menopause.


Rosemary is known to maintain a healthy liver and intestines. A natural soothing agent, it is said to help reduce coughing and fatigue and is good for memory.


Glycerine is a transparent liquid whose viscosity will facilitate intestinal transit. It comes from the malolactic fermentation of wine.

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Glycérine (7.16 g), Jus concentré de pruneau (5.96 g), Jus concentré de poire (3.58 g), Fructo-oligosaccharides de chicorée (2.38 g), Romarin feuille extrait sec (0.12 g)

Tips for use

Take a dose of 10 ml, twice a day. A measuring cap is included with the bottle.


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