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Thanks to its natural ingredients, ActivTrans contributes to stimulating, enabling and balancing the intestinal transit.

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ActivTrans: the helper of lazy intestines

Intestinal transit disorders can manifest themselves through many daily ills: faintness, heaviness, bloating. The mainly sedentary lifestyle of “modern” life, refined foods, stress and anxiety, among others, are a cause of intestinal disorders.

Thanks to its ingredients, ActivTrans contributes to regulate and to facilitate intestinal transit. Pear and prune juices are effective natural laxatives, chicory helps to balance the intestinal flora, and rosemary stimulates the functioning of the gall bladder.

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Glycérine (7.16 g), Jus concentré de pruneau (5.96 g), Jus concentré de poire (3.58 g), Fructo-oligosaccharides de chicorée (2.38 g), Romarin feuille extrait sec (0.12 g)

Conseils d'utilisation

Take a dose of 10 ml, twice a day. A measuring cap is included with the bottle.


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