Spirulina bio powder

Spirulina bio powder

47.50 CHF

Flask of  450 g

Price: 47.50 CHF
Price from 3 units: 42.50 CHF/unit

Thanks to its exceptional nutritional value, Spirulina Bio-Gestion is the ideal food supplement suited for all slim and balanced diets.


Spirulina bio powder : the green gold of nutrition

A cure of Spirulina Bio-Gestion at least twice a year is the most spectacular guarantor of good health.

Its protein content equals 70% of its weight. Its iron content beats all records: 45 times more than spinach! Its vitamin B12 content is unique: 3 times more than raw liver. Its Beta-Carotene content is astonishing: 15 times more than carrots.

Thanks to the high quality of the Bio-Gestion Spirulina, it is useless to take 6-7 tablets per day. 2 to 3 are good enough.


Pure Spirulina Algae (450g)

How to use

Take 4,5 g per day with smoothies, juices or soups


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