Fucus Algae

Fucus Algae

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Flask 100 capsules of 325 mg

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Fucus Algae are strongly recommended to all those who want to lose weight without feeling deprived.

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The natural appetite suppressant

Marine algae are ery rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and iodine, which we know have a great importance on our health.

Classified as brown algae, Fucus algae, in addition to their nutritional benefits, act as an appetite suppressant. Their containing non absorbable mucilage, having the ability to swell like a sponge when in contact with water in the stomach, allows us to reduce the quantities of food we ingest. On the other hand, their fiber plant facilitate bowel movement.


Fore 1 capsule: Fucus Algae powder (250 mg)

How to use

Take 2-3 capsules before each meal with a glass of water.


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