Professional Qrill Animal

Box of 350 g

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35.90 CHF


Professional Qrill Animal

It is a pet food supplement that contains only lyophilized Krill powder, 100% natural, from fishing that respects the marine ecosystem, no additives, no added colorants, no preservatives.

The Health Benefits of Animal Qrill:

The health of a domestic animal can quickly deteriorate if its diet is low in essential micronutrients.
In fact, the feeds you find on the market tend to lack trace elements or essential fatty acids (Omega-3, DHA, EPA).

If you feed your animal with croquettes or prepared cans, it is likely that Omega-3 deficiency will set in, and even if you prepare your own food, it is important to always incorporate omega-3.

Indeed, Omega-3 can not be produced by the body of the animal that does not synthesize them. They must therefore be provided by a supplementary diet at doses perfectly balanced and easily assimilated to preserve his well-being, his love and his unconditional good mood that he testifies to you every day.

At the moment, you have an excellent natural supplement that can bring him this precious balance: The Professional Qrill Animal.

Its effectiveness is due to its unique composition. It contains 100% natural Krill,  without added additives, dyes or preservatives. His taste is very much appreciated by our four-legged friends.

Professional Qrill Animal is simply unique, especially because of its naturally high and highly bioavailable Omega-3 levels.

Your pet needs Professional Qrill Animal for growth and development as well as for the maintenance of your immune system, which protects you from disease.

By completing your diet with Professional Qrill Animal you:

  •  increase his resistance to stress (various noises, cars, buses, trains, music, children playing, etc.),
  • promote the production of prostaglandins, substances that help support immune defenses,
  •  increase his joint and hearing comfort,
  • improve the quality of your eyesight and the shine of your hair,
  • protect his heart and give him endurance,
  • help maintain normal cholesterol levels.


Additional information


100% freeze-dry Krill (Euphasia superba)

Conseils d'utilisation

Dosage according to the weight of the animal: – Cats: 1 teaspoon / day – Small dogs (<10 kg) 1 teaspoon / day – Medium dogs (<20 kg) 2 teaspoons / day – Big dogs ( > 20 kg) 3 teaspoons / day. A mix with the usual food.


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