Krill Oil (Omega 3)

Krill Oil (Omega 3)

36.50 CHF

Flask of 60 capsules of 748 mg

Price: 36.50 CHF
From 3 units: 33.50 CHF/unit

Krill Oil is the easiest way to maintain good health.

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Krill Oil (Omega 3): a powerful anti-aging supplement

The oil extracted from Krill, a small shrimp that lives in the northern seas, may provide important nutrition for an optimal functioning of the brain and the immune system (Barry Sears, 2002). It also can enhances intellectual abilities, concentration and memory (Barry Sears, 2002).

This Omega 3 supplement is important, our body not being able to produce Omega 3s on its own. Similarly, Krill Oil is 100% pure and its DHA / EPA Omega 3 provide an efficiency up to 48 times more powerful than any other known fish oil.


For 1 Capsule: Omega-3 fatty acids (165 mg), EPA (90 mg), DHA (41 mg), Omega-6 fatty acids (<0.2 mg), Phospholipids (299 mg), Astaxanthin (60 µg)

How to use

Take 1 capsule every evening with a glass of water.


Do not consume in case of fish/seafood allergies.


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