Gelaform Protein+ «Gold» - Capsules

Flask of 100 capsules of 345 mg

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Gelaform Protein+ «Gold» – Capsules: Amino acids, building blocks of our bodies

Amino acids are the essential constituents of proteins, no other nutrient can replace them.
With vitamins and oligoelements, amino acids are essential micronutrients. They are essential to the building and maintenance of our organs such as:

  • cartilage, bone, skin, muscle, hair and nails,
  • antibodies (which protect against diseases),
  • hormones.

Amino acids are also involved in the detoxification of the body. Their insufficiency body is one of the main causes of various diseases, namely degenerative joint diseases like osteoarthritis or arthritis (commonly grouped under the name of Rheumatic Diseases). GELAFORM Protein+ “Gold” is a pure collagen hydrolyzate, easy to digest. It contains 18 amino acids including 8 essential amino acids.

Proteinic Collagen is the structural element that allows the shaping of bone tissue. Two factors are particularly important for an athlete or a person suffering from osteoarthritis: hydrolyzed collagen is very beneficial for the joints and prevents the cartilage natural wear. It is a natural food which also contributes to the improvement of skin quality- making it softer, it adds volume to the hair and strengthens the nails.

When do we need an additional supply of amino acids?

At any age, but especially from 50, an insufficient supply of amino acids makes it necessary to take supplements that provide the body with the necessary nutrients to make it function at its best.  Amino acids are directly involved in your well-being.

With modern foods, where everything is refined, what we eat no longer provides our bodies with the amino acids it requires.

In the same way, we eat less meat and not enough dairy products. It is therefore required to balance these deficiencies with an additional supply of amino acids. This is possible with a dietary supplement such as GELAFORM Protein+ “Gold.”

GELAFORM contains no cholesterol, no preservatives or other additives. It has no allergens and no GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). GELAFORM is also recommended as a part of a slim diet plan. As it contains no fat or carbohydrates, it is perfectly suited for diabetics, low fat diets as well as protein-rich diets for athletes.

Scientific studies show that hydrolyzed collagen may prevent lasting wear of joints. GELAFORM would also slow down the decalcification of bones in patients suffering from osteoporosis. It helps relieve pain and increases mobility.

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Collagen hydrolysat

Conseils d'utilisation

Take 6-9 capsules a day with a glass of water at mealtime.


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