Flask of 120 capsules of 552 mg

Price: 49.50 CHF
Price from 3 units: 44.80 CHF/unit

When the feelings of joint pain start coming out, the glucosamin + chondroitin winning duo will provide your joints with the necessary nutrients they need to help slow their degeneration and ensure your well-being.

49.50 CHF


Condroflex: well-being rapidly regained during joint pain

Glucosamin plays an important role in the maintenance of the cartilage of all joints. From a certain age, our body is no longer able to produce glucosamin naturally, which causes joint wear and pain. Therefore, an external supply of glucosamin is necessary. Chondroitin is also an essential constituent of the cartilage, whose production is slowed down with age. It contributes to the shaping and maintenance of bone tissue.

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For 1 capsule: Glucosamin sulfate (310mg), meadowsweet (120mg), chondroitin sulfate (20mg), manganese gluconate (5.3 mg), copper gluconate (2.4mg), bovine gelatin

Conseils d'utilisation

Take 3 capsules a day with a glass of water at mealtime.


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