Pure Organic Royal Jelly

Jar of 25 grams of pure Royal jelly.

Price: 49.50 CHF
Price from 3 units: 42.50 CHF/unit

Thanks to its biological wealth, the Royal Jelly is for decades the natural remedy the most appreciated to strengthen immunity and decrease the fatigue.

49.50 CHF 39.60 CHF


Pure Organic Royal Jelly: the best of the hive !


Contains naturally 10 vitamins, about twenty amino acids among which 8 said “essentials”, as well as all the minerals and the necessary trace elements to maintain a good health.

We recommend 2 cures a year, one in autumn, one in spring. Each of a minimum duration of one month.

The Royal jelly is a stimulant which improves the general state. It acts on the whole body. It contributes to strengthen the ground allowing the prevention of the infectious diseases. It increases the resistance in the effort.

The Royal jelly prevents the premature ageing of organs and skin. It is also used to help to prevent the senescence or to decrease the effects in it.

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100% pure organic Royal Jelly

Conseil d'utilisation

Take a doseuse spoon (approximately 1 g) every morning on an empty stomach, let melt under the tongue. To use by period from 1 to 3 months renewable.


To keep in the refrigerator +/-4 °C


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