Pumpkin Seed Oil

Flask of 100 capsules of 633 mg

Unit Price: 34.90 CHF
Price from 3 units: 29.90 CHF/unit

Natural remedy against prostate problems, you wake up less at night and micturition is rendered less painful. Taken with Pollen, Pumpkin Seed Oil will bring better results.

34.90 CHF


Pumpkin Seed Oil: urinary comfort for men

Pumpkin Seed Oil, extracted from cold pressed seeds, is the best guarantor of a healthy prostate.

Rich in phytosterols, vitamin A and E and selenium, it actively fights the natural oxidation of cells. It is very popular among men of age 50+.

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For 1 capsule: Pumpkin Seed Oil (500 mg)

Conseils d'utilisation

Take 1-2 capsules a day with a glass of water at mealtime.


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