Complement to improve memory and concentration
Complement to improve memory and concentration

Opti-M (Opti-Memo)

Flask of 100 capsules of 285 mg

Price: 68.80 CHF
Price from 3 units: 62.- CHF/unit

✓ Improves memory
✓ Ideal for the proper functioning of the brain
✓ Better ability to focus

68.80 CHF 53.80 CHF


Rich in laminaria seaweed, soy protein, lyophilized royal jelly, and Vitamins B6 and B12, Opti-M is an extremely complete product that contributes to improving memory and stimulating concentration.

You have certainly already experienced the inconvenience of a memory ” failure “: ” Where did I put my keys? “or “Where did I park my car? “or “What’s his name again? “… a minor lapse of memory can seem insignificant. Nevertheless, it can lead to embarrassing situations that can cause stress, anxiety and wasted time.

Today, we are confronted daily with the challenges of modern life: air pollution, noise, overwork, etc. The daily stress to which our organism is subjected upsets our well-being. The microcirculation is altered and the proper nutrition of memory cells is disrupted. This leads to a tiredness of our brain, which in turn diminishes our ability to properly memorize information.

To avoid such inconveniences and thanks to its precious natural ingredients, Opti-M contributes to the proper functioning of the brain.

An optimal composition for memory related problems

The ingredients contained in Opti-M make it surprisingly effective:

  • Laminaria algae help purify vessels clogged up by toxins, allowing the cerebral system to relax and facilitate the flow of information. Spirulina algae is also an excellent complement to laminaria algae.
  • Soy protein helps enhance memory activity,
  • B Vitamins and lyophilized Royal Jelly (also available by itself) contribute to the regeneration and preservation of brain function.

Thanks to its invaluable natural ingredients, Opti-M helps relax our cerebral system and facilitates the circulation and memorization of information.

Additional information


For 1 capsule: Laminar algae (108mg), soy protein (75mg), lyophilized royal jelly (25mg), vitamins B6 and B12.

Conseils d'utilisation

Take 2-3 capsules a day with a glass of water at mealtime.


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