Borage / Evening Primrose 2 in 1

Flask of 100 capsules of 700 mg

Unit Price: 27.50 CHF
Price from 3 units: 24.90 CHF/unit

All the essential virtues of borage and evening primrose will provide you with a healthy skin!

27.50 CHF


Borage / Evening Primrose 2 in 1: for a young and flexible skin

The synergy of Borage and Evening Primrose, two plants extremely rich in essential fatty acids, can significantly improve skin radiance while preserving the well-being of your body and psyche.

This synergistic formula prevents stains and aging of the skin in summer and winter. It gives back your skin and arteries an impressive flexibility.


Additional information


For 1 capsule: Borage Oil (250 mg), Evening Primrose Oil (250 mg)

Conseils d'utilisation

Take 1-2 capsules a day with a glass of water at mealtime.


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