Our advice for a supple and glowing skin

Our advice for a supple and glowing skin

Sun, pollution, tobacco, alcohol, lack of sleep, stress: various things weaken our skin daily. A soft and radiant skin is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also a sign of good health! Here are some tips to find and keep skin supple and glowing:

Sleep in sufficient quantity

During our sleep, the skin is renewed. After a good night’s restful sleep, our skin is brighter, smooth and soft. Otherwise, our face seems to widen and the imperfections multiply. Sleep is essential to the beauty of the skin: make sure yours is regular (the same number of hours every night) and quality (sleep in a healthy environment).

A diet high in antioxidants
Some foods are rich in antioxidants of all kinds and help fight aging skin: red grape, tomatoes, nuts, carrots, red fruits, red peppers, oranges, green tea. Make sure your diet is balanced and varied to be sure to bring all the essential elements to your body, and therefore your skin.

A supplement in essential fatty acids
Important constituents of fats (lipids) in the membranes of the skin cells, essential fatty acids participate in the manufacture of anti-inflammatory and immune molecules. Without them, the skin loses its suppleness and elasticity. A daily supplement of essential fatty acids, such as borage oil (see Borage Oil), Evening Primrose Oil (see Evening Primrose Oil) and Krill Oil, will guarantee Your skin suppleness and elasticity.

Protect yourself from external nuisances
It is not only the excesses of sun that threaten the youth of our skin. Alcohol, tobacco and pollution also accelerate skin aging. Be sure to limit or eliminate your consumption of alcohol and tobacco and regularly take a breath of fresh air: ballads at the beach, the mountain, the countryside.


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