How to effectively support joint wellness?

The malnourished cartilage

Today, the different kind of food available is often too purified, too industrial and often become poor in collagen.
Modern nutrition no longer provides enough essential constituents to ensure normal regeneration of your cartilage. However, a malnourished cartilage deteriorates, its wear goes to completely disappear.
The joints being no longer “lubricated”, the bones wear out rubbing against each other and cause unbearable pain

What can be done to support joint health?

Several scientific studies show that GELAFORM is an effective solution. It can sustainably ensure the well-being of the joints. We also acknowledge a clear decrease in morning stiffness and more flexibility and mobility of the patients.
It also improves the hydration and the tone of the skin. This product will give more volume and quality to your hair and strengthen your nails.

Specificities of GELAFORM Protein + “Gold”

Fotolia_84473383_MbisFor more than 33 years, the Swiss company Bio-Gestion has discovered and distributes the GELAFORM Protein + “Gold” 100% natural. The GELAFORM Protein + “Gold” helps thousands of people to maintain the functional state of the tissues of the articulation (joint).

Unlike gelatin, GELAFORM Protein + “Gold” is not obtained by acid or alkaline treatment and it does not gel. Compared to ordinary protein supplements, GELAFORM contains much larger quantities of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These 3 amino acids seem to be responsible for the production of new collagen in the joints.
GELAFORM is easy to digest. It contains 9 of the 10 essential amino acids, essential for good health. GELAFORM contains no cholesterol, no vitamin K, no preservatives and no extra additives. It has no allergens and no GMOs (genetically modified organisms). It contributes to the protein intake we need every day.

The GELAFORM fits very well into a diet-slimming. Since, it does not contain fat or carbohydrates, GELAFORM can help you lose weight. It helps to conserve and structure the muscle mass and encourages the body to lose fat. This often results in a thinner waistline. According to some American and Canadian studies, collagen hydrolyzate slows bone decalcification in osteoporosis. The same studies also demonstrated the benefits in case of Fibromyalgia (The effects of collagen hydrolisat on symptoms of chronic fibromyalgia and temporomandibual joint pain. Gary B. Olson, D.D.S 2000).

YES, the GELAFORM Protein + “Gold” is a healthy food that can be consumed with peace of mind for the greater good of our health. Thanks to GELAFORM, thousands of people have found the joy of life and so many athletes have been able to practice their sport, in high level while preserving (protecting) their joints.

When does one need additional GELAFORM input?

At any age, but especially after the age of 50, insufficient intake of amino acids makes it necessary to take this dietary supplement.


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