Why fatigue, stress and irritability rot our lives!

How to avoid the vicious circle of irritability!fatigue stress irritabilite

Repeated stresses are responsible for overuse of magnesium due to urinary loss. Food can not always fill this loss, which eventually creates a magnesium deficiency in the body.

Now, basically without going into details, if the level of magnesium drops, for the same stress, noradrenaline will bring more calcium into the cell. As a result, stress tends to self-amplify.

Let’s take a concrete example: a bus driver horns because of a car that blocks traffic, and the pedestrian in the direct vicinity of the bus suffers a noise aggression due to excess decibels. The driver does not, however, run away or strike the driver. It follows that this mobilized energy turns against him in the form of muscular tensions, agitation of the digestive tract, cardiovascular erethism …

In everyday life, buses that honk are only a tiny part of daily stress. The loss of magnesium is therefore a frequent occurrence! Thus, a well assimilable supply of magnesium is undoubtedly a valuable aid!

Together with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, for a more serene life try Calmagtif.
Magnesium Calmagtif combines calcium, zinc, rosehip, melissa, linden, wheat germ and beer yeast.

The synergy of all these nutrients helps to manage nervousness, irritability and loss of self-control. As the name suggests, you will quickly find calm while remaining active!

The soothing action of Calmagtif is particularly appreciated by nervous people, stressed and above all by the spasmophiles.


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