Swiss Bees are in DANGER!

Help us save them

According to the Ofag, the Swiss Federal Office of Agriculture, every winter in Switzerland, up to 50% of the colonies perish.

Bees, guarantors of balanced ecosystems

Bees play a major role in the production of our food. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices and vegetable oils depend for many of these insects pollinators. In fact, pollination by bees allows, from the flowers, the development of seeds, fruits and so new plants. Of the plant species that provide 90% of the food in the world, about 70% depend on the bees. Many varieties of vegetables grown in Switzerland would not exist without the hard work of these little workmen. Thus, bees are synonymous with life because we depend on them for the production of foodstuffs.

The dramatic decline in wild and domestic bee populations

Despite their importance, since the late 1990s beekeepers around the world have seen an unusual decline in the hive world.
The causes would be multiple: increasing use of pesticides, infestation by the parasite varroa, difficulties for aging beekeepers to find an engaged succession among young people. There is undoubtedly more than one reason for the diminution of the bees. If continued, the decline could have dramatic consequences for agriculture and the preservation of biodiversity.

4i1a4254-version-2Bio-Gestion goes to the rescue of the bees and promises to sponsor every year 40’000 bees, a beehive.

“For our first hive sponsorship we wanted to support a devoted beekeeper heart and soul to produce with the utmost respect for the welfare of the bees. We wanted someone who prefers to do less quantity so that the bees can eat their own nectar. We wanted a beekeeper who really pampered his beloved. ” C. Oehrli
We chose Stéphanie Vuadens, a passionate and committed beekeeper.

It is for the beauty and biodiversity of the countryside that Stephanie’s mission is to protect the bees in her area and safeguard her ecosystem.
Her story is original, Stephanie did not spontaneously go to the bees, were the bees that came to her! An unusual meeting between a swarm and its garden. So for Stephanie, committing to their safeguard became a sign, a challenge then very quickly an obvious.

Do as Stéphanie, help the bees

You too, pledge yourself to secure a future for these indispensable little insects. For each product of the hive bought at Bio-Gestion, we guarantee the sponsorship of 40 bees. You therefore take concrete action in favor of the safeguarding of the bees and thus of your environment!

Your action in favor of bees does not end there

Cartons du CoeurYou will also help to give a little sweetness to those who really need it! Indeed, Bio-Gestion offers dozens of pots of honey atCartons of the Heart so that people in need can benefit.


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