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Demand the best quality at the best price and benefit from our private sales: Krill oil (omega 3, DHA, EPA), Protein Gelaform + “Gold” (Collagen Hydrolysate), Royal Jelly, Spirulina, Squash Seed Oil, Lipo-Elimination, ActivTrans, Borage Oil, Evening Oil, OPC (grape seeds).

Towards a new joy of life!

All doctors will confirm that good food hygiene is the basis for a healthy and balanced life. We are all looking for a life of joy and vitality that is the source of our happiness and good health.
Nature offers us the food that covers the needs of our body. They are rich in proteins, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Unfortunately, today, the industry refines almost everything. In doing so, it removes some of the valuable components our bodies need from food. This is why we are more and more often forced to use food supplements. They will provide us with essential nutrients that the current diet no longer provides us with in sufficient quantities and whose lack is often the cause of the diseases that affect us.

At the heart of your well-being since 1983.

Whether it is to help treat a small ailment, as a preventive measure or to preserve its well-being, dietary supplements are more useful to us than ever. Sometimes a simple cure with one or more of the natural products on this site is all it takes to quickly regain good humour, vitality and a new joie de vivre. At the service of your health for more than 35 years, the Bio-Gestion team wishes you all the well-being that the food supplements on this site can bring you.


Best sellers



The synergy of all the nutritional elements of Calmagtif will allow you to quickly regain calm and serenity for a better life

Duo Pack Spiruline + Gelée Royale pure

Boost your immune system with the duo Pack: Spirulina + Royal Jelly Organic pure

Flexinol Gel

A massage gel pleasantly perfumed with vanilla, Flexinol helps to restructure elastin and collagen fibres.

Huile de Krill (Oméga 3)

The oil extracted from the Krill can provide valuable support for the optimal functioning of the brain and immune system.

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Les conseils d’experts pour mincir sainement et durablement :

L’alimentation est le premier aspect à prendre en considération lorsque l’on souhaite perdre quelques kilos. Manger plus sainement constitue le défi N°1. Pour y parvenir, il faut corriger nos « mauvaises habitudes ». Une d’entre elles, sans doute la plus diffuse, est le grignotage entre les repas.